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Winter is here, and with the changing seasons, it’s best to get your car ready for the adjustment. Our Hyundai body shop at Freysinger Hyundai is happy to help you get your car detailed and ready for winter. There are a few trademark things our team in Mechanicsburg can do to get your car ready for winter starting with detailing and finishing with larger winterizing. Check out some of the information below.



Get Car Ready for Winter – Car Detailing

Three things will help keep your car clean in the new year and the winter roads of Newville. First, have your car waxed. Getting your car waxed can help protect your vehicle from debris and salt that builds up on winter roads. Wax helps prevent these obstructions from damaging your car. Second, you can have a tire depressing applied to your tires, a silicone-based dressing can help your tires stay strong against the wax and debris. Lastly, an interior treatment can help you fight against stains and prevent water damage. Getting your car detailed is a good first step, and after leaving our Hyundai body shop, visit a mechanic to have a few more things done to get prepped for winter.

Get Car Ready for Winter – Other Winterizing Steps

There are a few more things, more mechanically-minded, that you can do to get your vehicle ready for Dillsburg winters. After getting your car detailed, have our team in our Hyundai body shop perform these maintenance steps on your vehicle:

  • Upgrade to snow tires
  • Change windshield wipers and fluid
  • Change oil and other fluids, like coolant
  • Check your car battery
  • Check your tires (this should be done routinely once temperatures get cooler)
  • Have your brakes checked

Beyond car detailing and these mechanical tips, you should also prepare an emergency kit. Have excess layers, tire chains, a blanket and shovel, an ice scraper, and a fire starter. You should also have kitty litter to melt snow and ice if your vehicle gets stuck.

Come to Our Hyundai Body Shop at Freysinger Hyundai!

Having your car detailed, tires changed, and fluid changed going into the winter season is always a great way to get your car ready for winter. You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone. Be sure to contact us if you have any more questions about keeping your car in the best condition possible in the upcoming year.


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