At Freysinger Hyundai, we're getting prepped for the new year. Sure, that means some resolutions are made and plans with family and friends are being squared away among our staff, but for dealership business, it means making sure we can find a good home for our remaining 2019 vehicles as we start to get more 2020 Hyundai vehicles coming through. Of course, you can benefit from our current situation as we have many brand new 2019 Hyundai vehicles for sale, and you can find quality options and save!

With the likes of the 2019 Tucson and Elantra here in our showroom, you're getting a vehicle that has plenty of brand new qualities, as you'll find standard style, performance, technology and safety. Our options come with more standard features than many other brands, which includes touch display and Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay™ to integrate many of your phone's features and enjoy them on the go. There's also plenty of room, with many models offering class-leading space like the 2019 Sonata, and safety that keeps you alert and notified of any hazards.

With all these modern features and attributes, you're going to want to come in and explore remaining 2019 new Hyundai vehicles here in our showroom as our team is happy to go over all the details and provide you with test drives and a hands-on feel for each one individually. We can also discuss savings on these options as our finance team can help you craft a payment plan that makes the most sense for you and gives you a quality new vehicle option at a standout price.

To get started contact us at Freysinger Hyundai and we'd be happy to help you browse and explore our remaining 2019 Hyundai vehicles to get the details and find savings on a new ride soon!

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