Freysinger Hyundai Tips for Spring Car Service


The days are longer and the temperatures are warming up, which means spring is in full effect. Summer will be here soon, and one thing we always like to recommend as the seasons change is to ensure your vehicle has a checkup and you perform some well-needed spring maintenance for your car, truck or SUV. At Freysinger Hyundai, our service center is here to help all those in Mechanicsburg and the surrounding area get prepped for spring and have some service suggestions too!

Perhaps the biggest no brainer is to check when the last time you had your oil changed. If it's needed (within 3,000-6,000 miles depending on the oil used and your owner's manual's service suggestion), we can set you up with a simple oil change. The benefits of course are well documented. Clean and fresh oil helps your engine run smoother, you'll maintain your vehicle's efficiency, and you'll have a better drive every time you get behind the wheel.

Another service for spring is tire rotations and wheel alignments. You want to keep the tread on your tires evenly distributed so they don't wear down and become unsafe in slick road conditions like rain. That's where a rotation comes in as it will help redistribute the wear, so your tires last longer as rear tires are moved to the front and vice versa. An alignment will ensure that you're having the smoothest drive possible as it makes sure that your wheels are properly rotating and balanced on the road.

With the weather warming, having your cooling systems checked is also a good idea, because you're not going to want to get into a hot car and not have it be able to cool it down because your air conditioning isn't properly flowing through. You also want clean air so getting your air filters checked is a good spring car service, too.

Also consider battery checks, and giving your car a nice thorough cleaning on the inside, removing anything that has piled up during the winter months so you have a clean cabin that you can feel good about.

Our service team is happy to help with all these different spring maintenance needs. Feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment online or by calling our service center today!

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