Hyundai Looking to Autonomous Fuel Cell Vehicle Options in 2021

With Hyundai, there is always an eye toward the future. The automaker is constantly innovating and looking for ways to bring us new vehicles, technology, safety, and much more, including fuel cell vehicles, and recently, we got a taste. The automaker revealed another concept that they are hoping will shape the future of the lineup for many years to come, called the Hyundai NEXO.

The NEXO is a crossover that Hyundai hopes will guide the future of vehicles that utilize hydrogen fuel cells and have no emissions, making them eco-friendly choices. While Hyundai has shown us fuel cell vehicles in the past, what's interesting about this one is that it can also be a "level 4" - which means it has autonomous driving capabilities. The goal is to have more fuel cell vehicles and commercialize these self-driving cars that can operate without human input or oversight under select conditions into pilot cities by 2021.

So, cars that don't use fuel and can drive themselves in three years? Sounds good to us! Of course, while we wait, we all can do plenty of driving in the new Hyundai lineup, as we house many different vehicles like the Sonata Hybrid and Ioniq, which offer you fuel saving alternatives. Stop in and see us today as we'd be happy to help, and arrange test drives.

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