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When you look at our new Hyundai vehicles here at Freysinger Hyundai, you're going to find plenty of exciting options that provide you with style, technology, comfort, and so much more. It's what we say all the time, and what better way to get behind the wheel of a new Hyundai than to find a standout monthly payment that offers you flexibility and options? That's what leasing a new Hyundai can do!

For drivers in Mechanicsburg who find the Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe Sport and Santa Fe appealing, leasing can be a great option. When you lease a vehicle, you pay a monthly payment over a set 36-month term which pays for a percentage of the vehicle's cost. During that time you have mileage and wear and use guidelines, so you should do your best to keep your Hyundai in tip-top shape with regular service and care, but it's a good way to drive a vehicle if you're looking for something that has a shorter commitment level, as you get options after the lease terms are done.

Those options include being able to enter a new lease for a new vehicle when you return your current leased vehicle, purchasing your leased vehicle at is residual value, or walking away from the lease and moving on to something different. That's plenty of flexibility, and it's a good choice for people who need a vehicle they can drive daily, knowing you've got options once your terms are finished. Also, our lease and finance team will provide you with all the details on lease terms and discuss your options so you can lease a new Hyundai today.

Feel free to stop in and see us and we'd be happy to offer any support you need as we are here to answer questions, and arrange test drives at your convenience.

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