Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter with Service from Freysinger Hyundai


Now that we've gotten past the holiday season, the real winter will be upon us. January and February are always usually when winter is at its peak, and we want you to be ready for whatever hits, whether it is snow, ice, or frigid temperatures. That's why our service center offers you the help you need and has suggestions for how to be winter ready in the area.

This time of year, people will need many different services available to them. At Freysinger Hyundai, our service center suggests many different types of maintenance, but there are some that are important to keeping vehicle health strong during winter. To start, we always suggest making sure your fluid levels are topped off, and that you have your oil changed. With cold weather, low fluid can freeze, and bad oil can lead to more buildup inside the engine and cause it to not run at its best, which is something you're going to want during winter, as something like this could potentially lead to your vehicle not being able to function as intended.

You're also going to want to ensure your vehicle can start too, that's why we offer battery checks and battery services. We'll provide you with the insight you need to make sure you have the right battery for your car, crossover or SUV, so you're not stuck needing a jump on those cold days.

We also advise people to have their heating and air filter system checked so warm and clean air is coming through the cabin efficiently to warm and defrost both the interior and exterior. We also can provide you with tire care with available snow tires so you have a firm grip on the road when snow accumulates.

You can learn more by contacting our service center as we'd be happy to provide you with all the details and set up an appointment to help you get your vehicle winter ready today!

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